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Who should subscribe to The Mad King?

Finance Professionals: For deep insights into market trends and economic policies.

Investors and Traders: To aid in making informed investment decisions.

Academics and Students: Complementing academic knowledge with real-world economic analysis.

Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Understanding economic landscapes for effective business decisions.

Curious Minds: Anyone interested in the global economy and its interplay with technology.


This newsletter is ideal for those who value expert opinions and thorough analysis in the realms of economics and finance.

How frequently is the newsletter published?

The Mad King newsletter is published twice per month. 

How do I subscribe to The Mad King?

To subscribe to The Mad King, visit The Mad King  and follow the prompts to create an account and complete your purchase.

What subscription plans are available?

The Mad King offers three subscription plans: Prince, Analyst, and Institutional.

Is there a trial period or a sample issue I can view before subscribing?

No, The Mad King does not offer a standard free trial. However, we occasionally provide limited access to free trials and make select articles available to the public from time to time.

What topics does The Mad King cover?

The Mad King covers topics in macroeconomics, finance, and technology, with in-depth analysis and insights into global economic trends and market dynamics.

Can I access past issues of the newsletter?

Yes, you can access past issues of The Mad King newsletter through your account on the website.

Are there any exclusive contents or benefits for subscribers?

Yes, subscribers to The Mad King have exclusive access to in-depth articles, expert analyses, and special reports not available to non-subscribers.

What payment methods are accepted?

The Mad King accepts Visa and MasterCard payments processed through Stripe.

How do I cancel my subscription or auto-renewal?

To cancel your subscription or auto-renewal on The Mad King, log into your account, go to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab in the account menu, and select the option to ‘Stop Auto-Subscription’.