Choose Rich

The party’s ending, but the bill’s still coming! Discover how the wealth divide is fueling dangerous financial gambles and how markets are running on fumes.

Market Update #3

Unpacking the Fed’s Stance: Market Implications and Trade Opportunities

The Insider #001 – Warnings

“The Insider” is evolving! We’ll be exploring a potential black swan event, Bitcoin’s impact on the market and what to expect forward, and essential vigilance in this new format.

This Is Not Random

This month I am taking a look at the ‘magnificent six’ through a new perspective and critically assessing the AI boom. You will be introduced with the concept of “Broadband of AI” which is a representation of creative destruction.   

The New Malik

“The New Malik” delves into India’s economic growth, its surprising pivot into arms manufacturing, and its potential to rival China. This one has been a long time coming – check it out!

Same Same, but Different

Explore the latest trends and challenges shaping the global economy, from the evolving dynamics of the S&P 500 to the intricate economic shifts in China. Unpack the interplay between domestic and international markets, and gain insights into key economic indicators and market dynamics.

Artificial Humans – Part 2

The fast pace of development poses a challenge to AI governance and oversight, as some people fear that it might lead to a point of no return where AI surpasses human intelligence and control.

Market Update #2

Last week marked the debut of BTC ETFs, but their impact on the market has defied expectations. Time to move!

Market Update #1

It’s only the 11th day of the new year, and already the markets seem a bit unsettled. I believe now might be a good moment to introduce some new trades to our portfolio.

The King’s Mind 2024

I’m thrilled to present to you “The King’s Mind 2024.” This unique compilation consists of 15 articles, encompassing a diverse array of subjects such as technology, markets, geopolitics, health, and energy amongst others.