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The Mad King






My name is Remi Tetot, I am the founder and author of The Mad King.


In 2012, I made a seamless transition from technology to the complex world of finance, a move sparked by my key role in successfully rebranding Raoul Pal’s influential macro newsletter and platform, Global Macro Investor.


During my tenure at GMI, under Raoul’s direct mentorship, I progressed from an analyst position to Head of Research over ten enriching years. It was a transformative period that saw me refine my approach to macroeconomics, deeply rooted in the nuanced rhythms of the business cycle. I developed a knack for simplifying intricate economic theories, often using charts to create captivating, understandable narratives.


My professional path took an exciting turn when I co-founded Real Vision. I was at the forefront of shaping its identity and bringing it up to life, dedicating the initial years to moulding the platform’s content, branding, and technological infrastructure. Subsequently, I led the design and tech teams, a role that allowed me to merge my passions for creativity, technology, and finance.


One of the most rewarding aspects of my career has been the privilege of interacting with and learning from some of the industry’s leading macrothinkers. My associations with GMI and Real Vision opened doors to absorbing wisdom from industry titans, enriching my knowledge base and influencing my analytical strategies.


This journey has been an intensive, real-world masterclass in macroeconomics and the interface between macro and technology. It is a privilege to continue to learn, adapt, and grow within this dynamic field and share it with you.


The King is dead; long live The King!



It’s time to unveil the journey behind The Mad King and reveal the face behind the name.

I intended to cloak myself in anonymity a while longer, savouring the freedom it granted.

Yet, the reception of my work, appreciated for its intrinsic value rather than the name attached, has been both humbling and exhilarating.

However, success, as they say, accelerates all plans.

My turning point came unexpectedly last month when an article I wrote about NVIDIA garnered significant attention, compelling NVIDIA’s CFO to respond to issues raised by an unknown author.

I realised then the fragility of my anonymity and saw the digital breadcrumbs leading to me. It wasn’t long before I decided to take control of my narrative.

Grant Williams suggested we record an interview, offering a platform for me to thoroughly explore and explain the various facets of my personal and professional life. I intend to share this video with you in a few days, but first I want to introduce my story with my own words.

My name is Remi Tetot; I’m one of Real Vision’s co-founders and former head of research at Global Macro Investor (GMI) under the mentorship of Raoul Pal.

My finance saga didn’t begin in an Ivy League university or a Wall Street firm but was sparked in a quaint Spanish fishing village where fate led me to Raoul.

As an IT specialist, I was a stranger to the finance world.

However, economics was a lingering passion from my school days. Raoul’s work with GMI fascinated me.

After voraciously reading a few GMI issues, I couldn’t help but comment on how the lackluster presentation didn’t match the premium content.

Little did I know, this observation would catapult me into a new career trajectory.

My blunt critique opened doors to revamping GMI’s identity, and soon I was knee-deep in financial data, charts, and narratives.

Despite my unconventional entry and initial self-doubt due to my lack of formal finance education, I discovered that my tech background uniquely positioned me to innovate in this new arena. I automated systems, enhanced visual presentations, and eventually found myself interpreting complex economic data.

This whirlwind phase was thrilling, and it was also a period of profound personal growth.

I faced the daunting challenge of reinventing myself professionally while grappling with the emotional intensity of plunging into unknown territories. The stakes were high, but so was the allure of creating something impactful. Producing content for the smartest minds was both scary and gratifying. Always pushing yourself constantly was a real driver for me.

Then came Real Vision, a venture born out of audacious belief and spirited conversations.

Transitioning from the safe harbours of known skills into the tumultuous waters of a start-up was both chaotic and invigorating. I was charting unknown lands once again, thriving on innovation and sheer determination.

However, life, with its usual unpredictability, ushered in challenges I hadn’t anticipated. Balancing burgeoning career responsibilities with my personal life, especially as a single father to a son who needed me, stretched me thin. I was proud of what I had built but recognised the need to step back from the intensity for my well-being.

It was amidst this personal turmoil that I stumbled into the world of cryptocurrencies.

The initial intrigue quickly turned into a rollercoaster of triumphs and hard lessons. 

My first successful foray, notably with Ethereum, was intoxicating, blurring the lines between calculated risks and emotional decisions.

I became entangled in the frenzy, and when losses hit, they weren’t just financial setbacks but deep, personal blows that shook my confidence.

Reflecting on those tumultuous times, I recognise how the echo chamber of collective euphoria and despair in the crypto community clouded my judgement.

I was chasing the high of winning rather than grounding myself in the analytical discipline I had cultivated over the years.

My departure from GMI and the public fallout from being vocal about my investment decisions brought on a period of introspection.

I reevaluated everything, confronting my mistakes and acknowledging the emotional toll they took. It was a humbling process, but necessary to rebuild my approach to finance and life.

What emerged from these trials was The Mad King. I chose to start anew, cloaked in anonymity, seeking redemption in the purity of unbiased content. I desired to return to the basics, where my work spoke for itself without the heavy shadow of past successes or failures.

Now, as I stand before you unveiled, I am more than the sum of my triumphs and failures. I’ve learned that while my journey was shaped by my professional achievements, it’s defined by the resilience, humility, and growth I’ve found along the way.

The Mad King represents not just a new venture but a renewed commitment to authenticity, analytical rigour, and the relentless pursuit of clarity amidst financial noise.

As I move forward, cautious yet hopeful, I steer clear of the cryptocurrency chaos that once consumed me.

However, I do plan to write a comprehensive analytical piece on Bitcoin at some point, drawing from lessons learned, but don’t expect anything  ExPonenTial from me 😉

The Mad King is a phoenix that has risen from the ashes of past mistakes, ready to forge a path of insightful, unbiased, and impactful content.

My passion for creating content has surpassed even my peak days at GMI. I’ve grown and matured since my beginnings, and with Grant’s guidance, I’ve found  the right voice to share my journey. It was the right moment to soar on my own.

For over a decade, I’ve crafted content that commanded a premium price for entities like hedge funds, family offices, and sovereign funds.

Now, with ‘The Mad King,’ I’m bringing that same calibre but at a more approachable price point

This shift is more than just a pricing decision; it’s a testament to my dedication to democratising financial information.

I aim to provide unmatched quality that’s thought provoking, valuable, timely and affordably accessible.

The journey will undoubtedly be fraught with challenges, but it’s a journey I now embark on with eyes wide open, guided by experience and a clearer understanding of my purpose.

The King is dead; long live The Mad King!


Creating a macro-investment newsletter that provides concrete, tangible value in an already saturated environment is no easy task. While many value-accretive competitors do exist in the industry, they all too often suffer from confirmed bias, or they only produce content in order to sell subscriptions.

The time has come to change this and try something different. Welcome to “The Mad King”, aka TMK.

TMK aims to be different, to think differently, and sometimes to be slightly provocative. Our mission is to integrate our team’s skill sets to empower you to become the most intelligent person in the room.

We will create content that will make you think above and beyond the ordinary investment strategies and paradigms, and will empower your financial decisions with absolute transparency and genuine goodwill. This is a promise that will be visible in our delivery.

While we will rarely recommend a specific investment, we will provide the best tools and instruction for you to succeed by instead helping you to build an investment thesis of your own.

The reason for this is simple: If you rely on someone to open a position or enter an investment, you will most likely also need input to close this position; we think at TMK that this is suboptimal; this is financial dependency rather than financial literacy.

Why The Mad King, you might wonder? 

We can all agree that markets always bring a little madness with them, especially over these last two years. And who doesn’t want to be the ruler of their own finances?

Isn’t that why we are all here, to reign over our financial literacy goals?

Hence, we are The Mad King!

We at The Mad King choose to remain anonymous, as we believe it is the best way to produce unbiased content; egos will not stand in our way of delivering a top-tier product. This choice also gives us the ability to be flexible in our research and to utilize a dynamic framework.

Rest assured, the team behind The Mad King are by no means novice. We are experienced entrepreneurs with a track record in finance, analysis, and macro – more than a decade!

If world-class people like Grant Williams (Author of Thing That Makes You Go Hmmm – TTMYH and Real Vision co-founder) are willing to recommend us to their subscribers, you might curiously ask yourself, “Why is that?”

The short answer is that he knows our background, he has seen our entrepreneurial experience and work done with financial institutions; he knows our work ethic is unmatched and that we will always go the extra mile to deliver.

What to expect?

You may have noticed that my content is organised into three main segments: “Market Chronicles”, “The Insiders”, and “Mad Updates”. Here’s a brief rundown of each category:

1/ Market Chronicles

A bi-monthly deep dive into market trends and movements. This publication is your compass in the world of finance, offering concise, yet comprehensive insights to guide your investment decisions.

2/ The Insider

This publication connects you directly with the true dynamics of the streets, occasionally presenting trading ideas that give you an edge. Its purpose is to delve into a specific theme, sector, or country that captivates interest.

 3/ Mad Updates

Our casual, yet informative updates keep you in the loop with the latest market happenings. Perfect for the investor on the go, these updates ensure you never miss a beat.

To give you a better about The Mad King’s approach, let me share our core principles.

The Mad King’s 10 Principles

1 – Simplifying complex ideas is our core business.
2 – Utilise only those charts that you are capable of recreating.
3 – The publication should never be hastened; only release when fully prepared.
4 – Instead of being trapped in your own bias, constantly question your premises.
5 – Have the courage to acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake.
6 – Be flexible and ready to revise your framework when necessary.
7 – How a message is conveyed often carries more weight than the content itself.
8 – Maintain humility in your writing and show due respect to your readers.
9 – Ensure your authenticity is maintained at all times. Always give credit when it is due.
10- Refrain from falsehoods or manipulation to favour your own storyline.

Our publications will be exclusively produced and distributed on The Mad King platform and accessible via the website, our iPad application.

The Mad King will not only make sure that you get the best content possible it will also make sure to create the smoothest experience to consume it.

This is just the beginning, and we will have more surprises for you soon. To quote Wayne Gretzky, “Go where the puck is going, not where it has been.” Indeed, we are the puck.